About SOME

SOME  was founded in December of 2015 and had products made available to the public on July 2 2016. SOME was created for the very purpose of creating high quality athletic clothing at fair prices. Creating a brand in a saturated market that is run by either high prices due to brand recognition or low prices due to poor quality, SOME believes that sacrificing profit margins for the greater good of our customers is a much better way to operate. We wont lie, every business is in the market to make money just as we are but we believe our price point maximizes customers value for money and once you purchase our products we know you will believe the same.


SOME knows that innovation comes from a conglomerate of ideas from multitudes of people with all different experiences. In saying this, we can only innovate the best products through information obtained from you; the customer. We would love to have any feedback about our products, if there is something you love, something you hate or believe there is something we should add or takeaway from future products please let us know.


As an online store, customer service is not as easily or readily provided but SOME will do its very best to ensure our customers have a create experience while shopping at www.someshop.com.au along with ensuring that purchased products are up to standard with what you expected. As SOME continues to grow we will offer wider varieties of products and possibly future in-store options as these opportunities become available.


For any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us at "someone@someshop.com.au" or you can call the owner directly. We gave this point of contact due to our own constant frustrations with customer services phone numbers where experiences typically ranged from being passed on from one area to another or dealing with someone that did not have the authority to give information or a solution to the problem.


We look forward to providing you with great products and enjoyable experiences while in the comfort of our clothing. follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook